Phoenix at home pet euthanasia
"We had an appointment for our Baby Girl, we cancel once and Dr. Tiffany was very gracious and did not make us feel pressured.  When the time came, Dr. Tiffany arrived right on time, she sat back and allowed us to take our time and took direction from us as to when we were ready for each step.  She is so patient, compassionate, and truly cared about us and Nikki.  The procedure was exactly as described and was very peaceful.  I can’t tell you how grateful we are that we chose her as she made the process as comfortable as possible.  Thank you Dr. Tiffany!! "
Judy H.
Phoenix, AZ
"... Dr. Tiffany helped our puppy finally find some peace and comfort after a short, but brutal, battle with cancer. We VERY anxiously awaited her arrival to our home to help our poor dog and it was such a relief when she was able to come and put our dog to sleep. She was very gentle and kind and let us dictate when each step would take place. Her compassion was comforting to us and we felt as though she truly cared and that this wasn't just another animal in another home and she was just doing a job. I am so grateful ..."
Kelley M.
Tempe, AZ

"...  The doctor, Dr. Tiffany, was very kind and caring. She really treated Minnie with respect, and I really appreciate that. She answered all our questions and made sure we were prepared for what she was going to do, and what we may expect during the process. That eased some fear for sure. Again, I can't say enough about how kind Dr. Tiffany was to Minnie, and that was so beautiful. Letting my Min go with the respect she deserved, and in her own home, where she was most comfortable, was really beautiful. Losing a loved one is not easy..."
Candice T.
Glendale, AZ

"... Dr. Tiffany arrived right on time. She is a consummate professional who, at the same time, is beautifully gracious. She was very patient, listening to our tearful stories, getting our ok every step of the way. We are so grateful to have had this option ..."
Judith L.
Mesa, AZ
"... Dr. Tiffany came out to help us let Aja be free from her tumor, her pain, and eventual suffering.  Dr. Tiffany was simply put, was a visiting angel. So gentle, compassionate, patient beyond words, and never let us feel unsure ..."
Bonnie G.
Scottsdale, AZ
" My cat Buddy was sick for over a year. When it was his time I made the call to Dr. Tiffany. She made me feel comfortable and sat with me while I said goodbye to my best friend. Having this done at home saved Buddy from the pain and discomfort of being caged and carted to the animal hospital."
Darren M.
Chandler, AZ